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Sergen Gestion Parasitaire offers:

  • Preventive pest management program.

  • Bed bug treatment.

  • Treatment against ants / cockroaches / humidity insects.

  • Fight against mosquitoes and flies.

  • Rodent control.

  • Disinfection, commercial, residential and industrial.

  • Pigeon control.

  • Capture and  safe transfer of small animals (squirrels, groundhogs, skunks and raccoons). 

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Ant extermination

As the weather warms up, the ants arrive. Perhaps the most irritating and common insects. Ants invade homes quickly and in massive groups. When pesky ants break into your home, Sergen Gestion Parasitaire is there for you. Whether you have paving ants, carpenter ants, pharaoh ants in or around your house, we can solve the problem and protect your house permanently as if it were ours.

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Bed bug extermination

  • Promptly notify your building owner when you notice the presence of bed bugs in your apartment. Bedbug extermination is extremely difficult in Montreal.

  • Allow the exterminator to have access to all the rooms of his accommodation for the extermination of bed bugs.

  • Maintain clean and clutter-free housing for the extermination of bed bugs.

  • Do not use insecticides or other commercial products. They can harm your health and make bed bugs harder to get rid of.

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Rat Extermination

Do you think you have a rat infestation in your home or business?


Our rat exterminators will get rid of them because these mammals reproduce quickly and can establish a colony in the foundations or attic of your building in no time. Sergen Gestion Parasitaire's rat extermination service is there to solve your problem.


Extermination service in Grand Montreal
and in region at the lowest price guaranteed

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Wasp Extermination

When spring arrives, the wasp (and more specifically the queen) appears around our homes, caring for the first larvae that have hatched so that they become future workers. Soon, they will be hundreds, even thousands, foraging in search of food. If, unfortunately, a wasp nest is found around your home, the best thing to do is to contact an exterminator, because their stings represent a real health risk, especially for people allergic to their venom.

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